Back to School..


I can’t believe our three week summer vacation is already over. I’m still getting adjusted to being back in school but I’m pretty excited for the most part. We have a new instructor this semester in our Digital Image Technology class, Joshua Pugh. (If you haven’t checked out his work, you should.)  We learned how to tether this week with our DSLR’s and our Mac Computers in the studio setting. Although I’m going into the Portrait Studio Management concentration here at RCC, I think learning how to tether will still come in handy later in my career as a portrait photographer.

I’m excited to see what I will learn this semester. Stay tuned for more weekly blog posts!

Sunday Funday



This morning when I woke up I already had my day planned out for the most part. I, however, didn’t expect to end up at a distillery. My roommate Sarah & I stopped into Fainting Goat Spirits in downtown Greensboro. Bill & Shelley are two of the nicest people you will ever meet. They also co-own Kneaded Energy (an amazing massage school and practice in Greensboro.) We took a tour of the distillery while we were there and learned about their process of making Fainting Goat Gin, Vodka and Whiskey. We also got to sample some of each (all very delicious if I do say so myself.) It was really fun to get to see how they run their business and to meet two new awesome people. I will definitely be back soon.

If you are ever in Greensboro, NC be sure to check out Fainting Goat Spirits and buy a few bottles for the road.



Beautiful Weekend For A Wedding


If I have to go on another long road trip this year it will be too soon. Literally just stepped in the door from Ohio. My mom, sister, daughter and me drove up for my niece Hannah’s wedding. She asked me to be her photographer and I was super excited to photograph her big day. I’m posting just a couple of the photos I took for now but I will definitely post more in the weeks to come. For now, it is food and rest before school starts back up tomorrow morning.


Oh, What a Week.


This week has been insane to say the least. On Saturday my friend Sarah & I moved into our new apartment. (Shout-out to all of our help, we couldn’t have done it without you.) It was supposed to be a happy and awesome time for us both. However, I drew the short stick quite a few times over 3-4 days. For starters, my brand new 50 inch television broke in the move so we couldn’t even use it. The next day I was driving to Walmart and I got rear ended in the parking lot. Luckily, neither my car or me were injured too badly. A few hours later the stabilization track in my car broke and I had to purchase a new part for it. If you are thinking it turned around after that, you are sadly mistaken. The worst part of this week was Monday night when I went to my old apartment complex to clean it out before my lease was up and I discovered something horrible. Sarah and I walked in to workers painting the walls and scrubbing the entire place down. At first it didn’t register in my head but then I started to freak out and wonder “where the heck is all my stuff?!” The head of maintenance informed me that my belongings were in the garbage. I tried to count to ten and remain calm but I pretty much completely lost my sh*t. Immediately, I walked over to the garbage compactor and what do you know?! All my stuff was inside. I was infuriated but knew legally I needed pictures of everything that was there. I literally had to crawl in the garbage compactor and use my bare hands to rummage through my garbage (& all my old neighbors’ as well.) I wasn’t sure what to do because the office was already closed so I called the cops to file a report. Long story short, I showed up at the office the next morning to talk to them in person. First question out of my mouth, “Is my camera lens and my memory card here?” Those who have been following me on social media know I went to Orlando to do an engagement shoot recently. All the pictures were stored on that memory card & I hadn’t even had the chance to put them on my computer yet. That was the biggest reason I was freaking out. Trying to figure out how to explain to my friends that all of their pictures were gone because my old apartment complex threw them in the garbage. Thank God they were smart enough to save those two items in the office. The process for reconciliation is still ongoing but my tip: be careful where you move and who you rent from. Sometimes it’s all about making an extra buck.



Im just so glad this week has come to an end and I can move on from all this negative stuff in my life. I added a couple photos this week from our new apartment. It’s always good to know that no matter how dark it gets sometimes, the sun will always come back out.

Isn’t Disney World Just A Human Trap Made By A Mouse?


Ya’ll, I am literally exhausted and can barely keep my eyes open long enough to write this post. However, this weekend was a blast! I had the opportunity to travel down to Orlando and photograph two of my friends for their engagement. After booking my Airbnb and my rental car, I saw that the weather looked bleak at best for the entire weekend. I’m not gonna lie, at first I was extremely bummed. I was already trying to problem shoot the weather so that we could still get some great shots in. Good news though! The weather held out perfectly for us…almost down to the minute!

This picture was taken on the first night I was there at Disney Springs. The sunset was absolutely gorgeous and I just had to get a few silhouette shots in. Katie and Will made sure I had a great time while I was in Orlando. Shout out to the best road trip partner ever: Haleigh. She made the trip even better than it already was.

PS: If you’ve never been to Universal Studios, go NOW!

Who knew window light could be so amazing?


So for those of you following along on my weekly posts, you know that I am required to post at least once a week on this blog. I am currently a photography student at Randolph Community College in Asheboro, NC. It’s an extremely difficult program but one I am still in love with despite the many times I’ve been on the verge of tears. My instructors are genuine people who love teaching and really want the best for each of us in the program. Kevin is our program director and the instructor who is currently teaching us about product lighting.


Our first assignment for him was to photograph a product (of any kind) in available light. For those who don’t know much about photography, available light is any light that occurs naturally without electricity. My old roommate Stephanie moved out about a month ago and her room is completely empty now so I knew that the window light in her old room was absolutely beautiful at the right time of day. I decided to shoot my product using two black pieces of matte board and a wooden tray that I purchased from Hobby Lobby (my fav place ever.) The pictures turned out a lot better than I initially expected. There are definitely areas that I could improve on but overall I think that these images show my personal growth as a photographer.

See ya next week!

Moments to Remember

As many of you already know, I sacrificed a lot to move to Greensboro to attend school. The biggest thing I sacrificed was time with my mini-me, Lily. Last weekend was memorial weekend and I had the opportunity to be off work and go home to spend 4 days with her. I cherished every moment of it. You know the saying “the days go by slow but the years go by fast?” Well you realize how true that statement really is once you have a child. It seems like yesterday I was bringing her home from the hospital and now she is about to start kindergarten.

Sparklers1 copy

My mom came home with a big bag of sparklers and we surprised Lily with them when the sun finally went down. I figured this would be as good a moment as any to pull my camera out and get a few shots. Last semester I started working on long exposure shots but never really got the opportunity like I wanted to play around with the concept. After it was all said and done, Lily had a ball and I got some pretty cool photos out of it. It’s times like these that I’ll never forget (I’m sure Lily won’t either.)

Sparklers2 copy

The Weight of My Thoughts

For my design class last semester I was given free range to choose what I wanted to photograph. I’m a pretty indecisive person so coming up with an idea and sticking to it is usually pretty difficult for me. However, this idea came to me so quickly that I had to go with it. The more I photographed, the more I related to this project. I titled it “the weight of my thoughts” because I am constantly thinking about my weight. I started wondering if I was the only one who thought about my body size in unusual places. From my personal experience, I feel like women are held to a higher/different standard than men when it comes to body image. “Dad bod” is an actual thing but I’m sure if we (as women) tried to start a “mom bod” phenomenon it wouldn’t go over as well. I wanted to create a project that women from all over the world could relate to and realize they aren’t alone in the weight of their thoughts.