Oh, What a Week.


This week has been insane to say the least. On Saturday my friend Sarah & I moved into our new apartment. (Shout-out to all of our help, we couldn’t have done it without you.) It was supposed to be a happy and awesome time for us both. However, I drew the short stick quite a few times over 3-4 days. For starters, my brand new 50 inch television broke in the move so we couldn’t even use it. The next day I was driving to Walmart and I got rear ended in the parking lot. Luckily, neither my car or me were injured too badly. A few hours later the stabilization track in my car broke and I had to purchase a new part for it. If you are thinking it turned around after that, you are sadly mistaken. The worst part of this week was Monday night when I went to my old apartment complex to clean it out before my lease was up and I discovered something horrible. Sarah and I walked in to workers painting the walls and scrubbing the entire place down. At first it didn’t register in my head but then I started to freak out and wonder “where the heck is all my stuff?!” The head of maintenance informed me that my belongings were in the garbage. I tried to count to ten and remain calm but I pretty much completely lost my sh*t. Immediately, I walked over to the garbage compactor and what do you know?! All my stuff was inside. I was infuriated but knew legally I needed pictures of everything that was there. I literally had to crawl in the garbage compactor and use my bare hands to rummage through my garbage (& all my old neighbors’ as well.) I wasn’t sure what to do because the office was already closed so I called the cops to file a report. Long story short, I showed up at the office the next morning to talk to them in person. First question out of my mouth, “Is my camera lens and my memory card here?” Those who have been following me on social media know I went to Orlando to do an engagement shoot recently. All the pictures were stored on that memory card & I hadn’t even had the chance to put them on my computer yet. That was the biggest reason I was freaking out. Trying to figure out how to explain to my friends that all of their pictures were gone because my old apartment complex threw them in the garbage. Thank God they were smart enough to save those two items in the office. The process for reconciliation is still ongoing but my tip: be careful where you move and who you rent from. Sometimes it’s all about making an extra buck.



Im just so glad this week has come to an end and I can move on from all this negative stuff in my life. I added a couple photos this week from our new apartment. It’s always good to know that no matter how dark it gets sometimes, the sun will always come back out.


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