Moments to Remember

As many of you already know, I sacrificed a lot to move to Greensboro to attend school. The biggest thing I sacrificed was time with my mini-me, Lily. Last weekend was memorial weekend and I had the opportunity to be off work and go home to spend 4 days with her. I cherished every moment of it. You know the saying “the days go by slow but the years go by fast?” Well you realize how true that statement really is once you have a child. It seems like yesterday I was bringing her home from the hospital and now she is about to start kindergarten.

Sparklers1 copy

My mom came home with a big bag of sparklers and we surprised Lily with them when the sun finally went down. I figured this would be as good a moment as any to pull my camera out and get a few shots. Last semester I started working on long exposure shots but never really got the opportunity like I wanted to play around with the concept. After it was all said and done, Lily had a ball and I got some pretty cool photos out of it. It’s times like these that I’ll never forget (I’m sure Lily won’t either.)

Sparklers2 copy


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